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Historic Photographic Art Pieces

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These framed and matted art pieces show some of Zane's most famous moments. Each photo is hand-colored, and Long Key Notes includes pages from Zane's original journal.

Each piece includes a plaque with title, description and dates. Most include a second plaque with a quote from Zane Grey that accompanies the scenes shown in the photos.

If requested, the artpiece can be remarqued by Steve Goione, the same artist who created the original Chaper Illustrations for Tales of The Gladiator. Each remarque ($100 per art piece) is an original image done in black and white pointillism that coincides with the photo, or the customer's special request, and is approximately 2 to 3 square inches in size.


Black Marlin
Yet another outstanding catch for the author.

The Children
Tahitian children always gathered at Zane's camp to marvel at his catches during his 1928-1930 Tahiti Expedition.

One record that can never be taken away from Zane Grey is the first marlin over 1,000 pounds ever to be caught on rod and reel. He captured this milestone in Tahiti in 1930.

The Hunt
Available in horizontal and vertical mounting.
Zane Grey and his crew were always on the lookout for signs of a swordfish. He would often climb the mast of The Gladiator for a better view and stay there for hours at a time.

Long Key Notes
Zane spent many winter seasons in the Florida Keys at the beautiful Long Key Fishing Lodge. This three page piece entitled Long Key Notes is perhaps one of the most poetic writings of Zane's career, and is a beautiful addition within Tales of The Gladiator as the forward to the book.

Available in horizontal and vertical mounting.
Zane would comment throughout his life that his love and passion for fishing extended far beyond the actual fighting of a fish, to include the simple enjoyment of the marine environment.

The Strike
Zane Grey's angling pursuits led to many improvements in tackle and he is responsible for a number of innovations familiar to today's anglers. Here he is with a 16/0 Kovolovsky, one of the great early reels he used.

The Tackle Room
Zane's reputation for having vast amounts of the latest equipment is legendary, as seen here in his personal tackle room.

World Record Swordfish
Zane Grey caught his world record 582-pound swordfish in 1926 off Catalina Island. It was an incredible feat, and is the climax of Tales of The Gladiator.

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