Z.G. Collections Launches Limited Edition Bronze & Art Series to Commemorate Zane Grey’s Tales of The Gladiator

PLANO, TX, November 2008—Z.G. Collections, LLC (ZGC), publishers of Zane Grey’s Tales of The Gladiator announce The Gladiator, an epic limited edition bronze sculpture by renowned sculptor Chris Barela. Thirty of these incredible pieces will be produced in the original size, along with 100 at half scale.

Taken directly from the pages of Tales of The Gladiator, this amazing sculpture depicts Grey in the cockpit of his Southern California-based vessel Gladiator during his 1926 battle with his 582-pound "The Gladiator" bronze sculpture by Chris Barelaworld record broadbill swordfish. In what is one of Barela’s finest pieces to date, the swordfish is bursting over two feet above the bronzed ocean surface. Grey’s determination is beautifully captured in a detail befitting the father of modern big-game fishing. “Mr. Barela’s attention to detail brilliantly captures the emotion of my father’s epic battle with Xiphius gladius,” recalled Zane’s son, Dr. Loren Grey upon seeing the sculpture for the first time.

Whether a Zane Grey-themed collector or a Chris Barela fan, at four feet long and over two feet high, this piece is guaranteed to be THE focal point of any collector’s trophies. The original size is available now for $17,950; the half-scale piece is available at $8,950.

In addition to the bronze sculpture series, acclaimed marine illustrator Steve T. Goione created a limited edition of 250 giclée prints of the six beautiful chapter illustrations he created for Tales of The Gladiator. Steve Goione Chapter IllustrationThe glicée printing method is at the forefront of the art industry, utilizing the latest technology resulting in most beautiful and accurate reproductions possible. The hand numbered and signed series is available for $749 per set of six.

“Steve’s unique style of watercolor, pen and ink is very detailed and realistic, not to mention time-consuming. The six pieces he created for Tales of The Gladiator depict scenes straight from the book, and add incredible value to the publication,” says ZGC General Manager Jim Brown.

Rounding out the field of available artworks to enhance the enjoyment and collectability of Tales of The Gladiator is the production of several framed and matted pieces that include historic colorized Historic Photographic Art Piecesphotos taken by Zane and his colleagues during the first few decades of the last century. The pieces include engraved brass plaques describing the photo-scenes, and/or quotes taken directly from Tales of The Gladiator. Some even include photo-replications of Grey’s handwritten manuscript pages. These are truly beautiful items that offer a unique, fresh alternative to other marine art on the market. Prices begin at $225 each.

Artist remarqued pieces by Goione are available for both the giclée and historic photo-art product lines, adding to their collectability. Obtaining a matching numbered edition bronze, print, photo art pieces, and copy of Tales of The Gladiator is not only possible, but highly recommended for the serious collector.

About Tales of The Gladiator
Recently published in an high-end Limited Collector’s Edition, Tales of the Gladiator is a never before seen manuscript covering a 6-year (1921-1926), day-by-day recount of the offshore encounters of Zane Grey and his friends and family as they traveled the Southern California shorelines and islands aboard Zane’s yacht, Gladiator. It passionately describes each and every fish sighting, hook-up and battle along the way, as only Zane could. The book contains 40 historic photographs, many of which have also never been published. The book was edited by award winning journalist Capt. Dave Lear, and each chapter is complimented with beautiful, content-specific illustrations by acclaimed marine illustrator Steve T. Goione.

About Zane Grey
Zane Grey’s writing career spanned more than 50 years. During this period his tales of the American West mesmerized millions of readers around the world. In addition to penning nearly 100 bestselling novels, Grey published several books about his true life fishing adventures as he traveled to many of the world’s most exotic locales. He was also responsible for 100 movie script adaptations and the Zane Grey Theater of 1950s popularity.

About Z.G. Collections
ZGC was formed with the express purpose of publishing recently-discovered manuscripts by Western novelist and legendary adventurer Zane Grey. ZGC is able to offer several exclusive historical documents and products that were discovered and acquired for ZGC from the private collections of Zane’s personal friends and family during the 1990s.

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